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New Taxes Could Trigger a Japanese Craft Beer Renaissance
So the biggest breweries, including Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. and Kirin Holdings Co., sell knockoffs, called happoshu (meaning bubbly spirits), or third beer, that may use peas, corn, or soybeans to reduce the amount of flavorful malt. “A lot of time ...

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The Japan Times

Changes to liquor tax law may inspire new uniquely flavored beers
The Japan Times
Beverages that include other materials are currently available, but they have to be labeled happoshu (quasi-beer). Under the new definition, products using newly permitted ingredients can be categorized as beer unless the proportion of the ingredient ...

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Why Japanese Beer Stocks Could Be the Next Big Play of 2017
But for those that want to avoid the onerous taxation of standard malt beverages, breweries can produce beer knockoffs, or derisively known as “happoshu.” These beverages integrate peas, corn, or soybeans, essentially anything undesirable to drop the ...